Bird as a Pet – What You Need To Know

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Birds are very commonly found pets in today’s homes. They are kept as pets for a variety of reasons. A lot of birds prove to be very lively companions. For example, some species are capable of speech. They can very easily be trained to pronounce several simple words and phrases.

Still more bird owners choose a breed because they look nice, whether in a pair or alone. Still others settle on a bird because of the pleasing sound of its song.

If you are planning to share your life with a bird, here are some things that you should keep in mind. Keeping a bird as a pet will require a separate care regimen, including feeding, grooming, and keeping living quarters clean.

Birds Tend to Be Sensitive to Strong Smells

Birds generally have very sensitive respiratory systems and things like air fresheners, incense or scented candles can cause them many issues. These pets are overly sensitive and vulnerable to noxious fumes or pungent odors.

It is advised, if you have a pet bird, to make your home into a non-smoking environment. You will want to be especially careful when it comes to fumes emitted from your cookware.

Certain nonstick items can put out an odorless gas which can prove to be fatal to birds.

They Will Chew on Your Belongings

It seems to be an inherent quality in birds, their love of chewing on things made of wood. Woodpeckers get a lot of publicity for destroying wood, but they are far from the only bird species that likes to do it.

Anything made of wood is in danger from them, from toys and picture frames to heavy pieces of furniture. It is recommended to provide some pieces of scrap wood for your birds to play with.

Before you provide your bird with wood to chew, make sure that it is safe for them.

They Can Live for a Very Long Time

It is imperative that you are certain you will be able to give them care as long as they live when you are thinking of having a bird as a pet.

When you decide on a pet, providing them with a steady and comfortable home is crucial. Some larger species of parrots can even live for over a century.

It is important to research the lifespan of a bird before you consider adopting it. You never want your pet to end up in a shelter or in a state of neglect.

Give Your Pet Bird a Varied Diet

You may think that the only food you need to provide for your pet bird is a range of pellets or seeds. However, in order to retain their health, birds like to eat a wide variety of different foods.

Try giving them nuts or beans for protein, and an assortment of fruits for a sweet treat. Research the best foods to feed your pet bird to ensure that they have the best health.

Find a Vet Who Specializes in Birds

When you get a pet bird, it will quickly become apparent that their veterinary care can be quite expensive. Upon the adoption of a pet bird, your veterinarian will most likely recommend that you have a complete examination done.

They will also want to see the results of a slew of diagnostic tests. In addition to this initial care, it is generally advised that you schedule an annual checkup for your new bird. These requirements are the same no matter if it is a big bird or a small one.

They Need Companionship

Your pet bird is a very social creature. They need to be engaged, whether it is by you or if you get a second bird to be their friend. Pet birds are often compared to human infants, though a big difference is that they will not grow up.

They will need constant emotional and social stimulation from the humans around them. Pet birds can be very loud, but often their cries are merely a vocal plea for companionship and diversion.

They Are Early Risers

Everyone knows that chickens are early risers, heralding the appearance of the sun every morning. However, many other types of bird are similar.

They might not make the same vocal sound, but they do wake early and will make it known to you. Birds are known to be very vocal when demanding their breakfast so you will be sure to hear them when they wake up.

Many people with birds find themselves adjusting their sleep schedule almost without thinking about it.

You Will Need to Keep Them Clean

Birds tend to eat and perform other messy tasks throughout the day. It is not uncommon to find bits of food and other debris all over the area around their cage.

Watch this YouTube video to learn the correct process by which you should clean your pet bird’s cage.

In addition to cleaning the cage itself, you should regularly vacuum the area around your bird’s cage. By keeping the area clean you will never find a large mess to clean up.

Birds are Really Noisy

No matter what bird species you get as a pet, it will be noisier than you expect. If you are looking for a quiet pet, a bird may not be the one for you.

While some birds have the power of speech, others can do many other things and make other sounds. From a squawk to a chirp, with a little work, you can find the best sounding bird for you.

This loud voice is a biological quirk that makes birds a better species. It can travel over long distances and can alert birds who are very far away.

Birds Are not Domesticated

The definition of a domesticated animal is one that has been bred for hundreds of years to benefit its human companions. They are markedly distinct from their wild counterparts and are usually kept as pets.

However, birds are not much different from their wild cousins. It is advised to invest in a sturdy cage and give your bird fresh water and scenery to remind them of being in the wild.

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